EB Climbing

Performance since 1950

1st historical brand of climbing shoes

EB Climbing shoes the best of French design and expertise.

At EB, we believe that climbing shoes should be effective but not necessarily painful. Whether you are a cliff climber or a indoor climber, comfort must be paramount in choosing the right climber. It is better to be comfortable in your slippers to enjoy climbing, rather than having pain in your feet and suffering unnecessarily. All our research and experience are put to good use in order to design a climbing shoe with an unbeatable performance/comfort ratio.

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EB climbing shoes and accessories.

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EB climbing accessories

In addition to climbing shoes, we develop the usual equipment for climbers such as rope bags, chalk bags and cleaning brushes. But also a whole range of accessories for climbing around the comfort of the climber’s feet and hands.


9A Climbing

Created by Frédéric Tuscan, (ex high level climber), the company 9A Climbing was born in 2009, in the heart of the Alps, in VOIRON in Isère (FRANCE).
9A Climbing markets the historical French brand of climbing shoes EB Escalade. In addition, 9A Climbing designs and distributes numerous products for indoor and outdoor climbing.

9a climbing