EB Climbing Accessories

Climbing Accessories

We have developed a range of climbing accessories that completes our climbing shoes. Once again, we are aiming high in order to satisfy all tastes, plain, flashy, functional, funny… We have for sure something matching your personality.
Constructed from polyester materials and high-performance nylon, our range of rope bags will help you keep your equipment in good shape for a longer time.
These very qualitative materials are very light, strong and allow you to protect your stuff, your hardware and your ropes. Our bags make your climbing trips easier. The vocation of our bags are based on simplicity, functionality and comfort.
The range of EB chalk bags will satisfy all expectations. With many fresh colors, everyone will find the one he likes the most. The materials used are both light and strong and therefore does not stop you in your search for performance.
In addition, to be fully equipped by EB, we have a range of t-shirts made with raw organic cotton.Climb proudly with style with the EB gears. Last but not least, the very low prices sweep away your last doubts.