EB Climbing Shoes

Models for climbers of all levels

Climbing shoes EB the best of French design and know-how.

For the upper of the climbing shoe, we use innovative materials such as our Premium and High Tech microfibres. The textile part of the climbing shoe (the upper) must guarantee great comfort for the feet and thus obtain unequalled sensations on the rock as well as on the resin. The properties of these microfibres are such that it is no longer your feet that adapt to the slippers, but the slippers that adapt to your feet. The comparison is unequivocal, a slipper with the microfiber upper is much more comfortable and resistant than leather climbing shoes. Being elastic, a microfiber model stretches and comes back in place with each use.



The Balboa, mono velcro, is a sensitive shoe that will appeal to climbers who like to confront difficulty.



Super soft and extremely asymmetrical, the Nebula is a top of the line climbing shoe designed for experienced climbers.



The Strange is a rigid and asymmetrical shoe. The lace-up fastening makes it precise and comfortable, ideal for rock, cliff and long routes.

Black Opium

Specically designed for women, the Black Opium is a technical and comfortable climbing shoe..



The Red is a technical, versatile and very comfy climbing shoe. Particularly efficient on small holds, the Red is perfect for demanding climbers looking for precision..

Guardian 3.0

Unbeatable price/performance ratio, the Guardian is an extremely asymmetrical and versatile climbing shoe. Paul Jenft used the Guardian to win the European bouldering youth cup in 2017.


Split 3.0

Soft and extremely asymmetrical, the Split is a technical and versatile climbing shoe. You can buy it by the unit and mismatched; left foot with one size and right foot with another size (if necessary)!

Django 3

Django 3.0

The Django is a stiff and asymmetrical climbing shoe. With the Hightech microber, the Django keeps the same shape through time..



Super comfy and efficient, the Electron is a climbing shoe designed for experienced climbers looking for progress and comfort.



The Mojo is a climbing shoe with an intermediate technicality for new climbers and beginners.

Torch lace 3.0

Lacing version of the Torch, the Torch Lace fits perfectly large or thin feet. It targets new climbers up to experienced climbers looking for comfort


Neo Kid

With the Neo Kid, children enjoys a durable and comfy climbing shoe, without giving up technicality.

climbing shoes for communities

Neo Gym

Suitable for climbing gyms, the NeoGym is a rental climbing shoe that leaves no marks on the climbing wall.

Vario Strap

In schools and communities, 2 sizes of slippers can cover 20 sizes, considerably reducing the cost of the stock.


the first brand of climbing shoes dedicated to communities.

Schools, clubs and SAEs can therefore benefit from a range of perfectly adapted shoes, created for them.

Conception & Design

Our Daytona rubber is used in most of the soles of our Elite à Loisir range shoes. The Daytona rubber offers grip and resistance at the top of the top, while guaranteeing maximum sensation and a thickness of 4 to 5 mm . You can charge very hard on holds without being afraid to “zip”. The grip is reassuring and efficient! The coating will give you a good support of the foot inside the shoe, from the toe to the heel. We use Optima and Optimax insoles for the Leisure to Neophyte range of climbing shoes. More resistant to abrasion, this rubber will accompany the climber throughout his progression and training.
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We took into account the relationship between the shape of the foot, from the toe to the heel and the wearing of the shoe. “Sports comfort” has become the priority, to access all the agility of the foot, to increase your library of grips, to improve your performance and this whatever your level or your climbing practice…