Red EB

Technical, versatile and very comfortable

Particularly effective on scrapes, the Red meets the expectations of demanding climbers in search of precision. Relatively rigid, this climbing shoe is very well suited for indoor climbing on routes and boulders, but also for outdoor climbing where the Red provides maximum sensations and a very high level of comfort. This double velcro climbing shoe will follow you during your daily training and during all your progression. Modern design, the Red benefits from all the quality materials used by EB; Daytona rubber, Evo Microfiber and antibacterial treatment with silver thread.

climbing shoe red

Élite : 8 / 10
Expert : 10 /10
Sport : 8 /10
Néo : 3 /10

Boulder : 5 / 10
Lead : 9 /10
Multi Pitch : 7 /10
Speed : 4 /10