eb climbing shoes

We took into account the relationship between the shape of the foot, from the toe to the heel and the wearing of the shoe. "Sports comfort" has become the priority, to access all the agility of the foot, to increase your library of grips, to improve your performance and this whatever your level or your climbing practice.


The Sentinel has been designed in collaboration with the best French rock climber, Seb Bouin. Very soft and downturned, the Sentinel is made for pure performance.


The Avatar is like a second skin, effective, precise and competitive.


Black Opium

Specifically designed for women, the Black Opium is a technical and comfortable climbing shoe.


Very flexible, this climbing shoe with its powerful and crocheting heel will delight climbers of boulders and difficulties. Indoors or outdoors, the Nebula provides maximum sensation and precision.


Soft and extremely asymmetrical, the Split is a technical and versatile climbing shoe. You can buy it by the unit and mismatched ; left foot with one size and right foot with another sizer (if necessary) !


Unbeatable price/performance ratio, the Guardian is a super asymmetrical and versatile climbing shoe.



The Django is a stiff and asymmetrical climbing shoe. Equipped with the Hightech microfiber, the Django keeps the same shape through time.


Django Wn

Asymmetrical and stiff, the Django Wn shows a girly look assumed. The Hightech microfiber eliminates empty volumes and keeps the same size through time.


The Mojo is a climbing shoe with an intermediate technicality for new climbers and beginners.


Super comfy and efficient, the Electron is a climbing shoe designed for experienced climbers looking for progress and comfort.


The Neo Vel is a super comfy climbing shoe designed for new climbers. Perfect for a first purchase


Comfortable and versatile, the Torch is designed for beginners and mid-level climbers willing to progress.

Torch Lace

Lacing version of the Torch, the Torch Lace fits perfectly large or thin feet. It targets new climbers up to experienced climbers looking for comfort.

Neo Gym

Specifically designed for rental use, the Neo Gym offers a durability 30% higher than average and let no mark on the walls.

Neo Kid

With the Neo Kid, children enjoys a durable and comfy climbing shoe, without giving up technicality